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Tutorials for beginners - Setting up a homework Set for the first time[edit]

Moving and Reusing Homework Sets[edit]

  • The easy case - Someone at your institution has homework sets you can use - Moving and Reusing Homework Sets Tutorial - A tutorial on how reuse homework sets, either between semesters or between instructors.

Creating a Homework set when your book's homework is in the NPL[edit]

Sorting and Selection[edit]

  • The final case - You are creating a homework set and have to find problems for the subject you are covering, rather than just selecting from the problems in the back of the section - Tutorial on Creating a homework set from the NPL - Normal Case - A tutorial on how create a homework set when you have to look for problems in the NPL by topic rather than by book, chapter, and section.

Editing Homework Sets[edit]

After the dust Settles[edit]

Modifying Problems in a Homework Set[edit]

Importing Homework Sets from Set Definition Files[edit]

Exporting Homework Sets to Set Definition Files[edit]

Assigning Homework Sets to Students[edit]

You can assign multiple students multiple sets using the "instructor tools" page.

Deleting Homework Sets[edit]