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Getting Started

Managing Assignments/Quizzes

Types of sets

  • Homework -- Set up and modify a homework set.
  • Gateway Quiz -- A timed exam where all questions are submitted at once.
  • Just-in-time -- An adaptive homework which offers remedial exercises if a questions is answered incorrectly.

Managing sets

Finding questions in the Open Problem Library (OPL)

Some special question types

  • Essay questions -- Essay questions are open ended style questions which are submitted by the student and then later graded manually by the professor.

Writing your own questions

Please see the section for Authors; here is a gentle introduction to writing your own homework problems using PGML.

Managing Students

  • Classlists -- Add/edit/delete students using the Classlist Editor.
  • Classlist Files -- A convenient way to add a large number of students to a course at once.
  • Sending email -- Send an email from WeBWorK to students discussing their scores.

Integration with your LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Desire2Learn (D2L) BrightSpace all support a protocol called LTI (for D2L, see LTI for D2L) which then automatically manages student accounts in WeBWorK; for Moodle also the module wwassignment is available.

Optional Modules

  • Achievements -- A gamification feature that rewards students for doing their homework and practicing good WeBWorK behavior
  • Conditional release -- Students are not able to start a homework set until a sufficient score is obtained on a previous set.
  • Show me another -- Show students an alternate version of their assigned problem (with or without solution).
  • Periodic re-randomization -- After a certain number of attempts, the randomization of a problem will change.
  • Reduced scoring -- After the Reduced Scoring Date, additional work done by the student counts at a reduced rate.

Managing and Administering Courses

Please see the section for Category:Administrators; most administrative tasks like creating or deleting courses require administrative access.

Model Courses (finding content)