PREP 2011 Notes June 25

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Meeting at Carriage House June 25, 2011

Contributing back to Webwork, Jason

Reporting Bugs in Webwork System

  • Go to
  • Create an account by clicking on the link on the top row
  • Better to use the same email account that you may use for the webwork wiki
  • Log into your regular email account and follow the link in the new email message from "Bugzilla"
-Enter a new bug report for WeBWorK
-WeBWorK 2:  	The WeBWorK 2.x series.
-Product: 	WeBWorK 2
-CG: SetMaker2 (Library Browser 2) - for David Gage
  • Exploring the various Components and selecting items such as Severity, Platform, etc.

Reporting Bugs in Webwork Library

  • Go to the problem in the Library
  • Click on Report Bug on the link at the top
  • Follow a similar screen as above
  • If anyone is interested in working on the NPL:
* Contact John
* Learn SVN
* Get assigned a subset of the library



  • Interactive Problem Generator
  • IN DEVELOPMENT ... not yet available for production purposes
  • A simpler way to input stuff without looking so much like programming.
  • PGML is available from within the Webwork Problem Library by clicking on PGML link at the top of each problem.
  • Helps with inputting and formatting the problem and answer parts of a problem.


Applets in Webwork

PREP_2011_Notes _June 26