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<div style="background-color:#ffcccc; border:blue solid 2px; padding:5px; width:35%; float:right; margin:5px">''Any additions to the indexed snippets below should use the same format. A suggested model is provided in this [[SnippetTemplate|snippet template]].''</div>
The descriptions of the Macro Files can be found on the page [[Problem Techniques]].
== Index of Problem Coding Techniques ==
<div style="background-color:#eeeeee; border:black solid 1px; padding:3px">''This index links to problem code snippets that quickly show how to accomplish each effect. Each has limited explanation that assumes a basic understanding of how PG files are written.''</div>
=== Topics A-C ===
* [[NumericalTolerance|Accuracy Required for Numerical Answers]]
* [[DynamicImages2|Adding Labels, Lines and Points to Dynamic Graphs]]
* [[StringsInContext|Allowing Strings (Text) in Student Answers]]
* [[FormulasToConstants|Antiderivative Problems]]
* [[FlashApplets|Applets, Flash]]
* [[JavaApplets|Applets, Java]]
* [[EquationEvaluators|Checking Equation Answers]]
* [[IntervalEvaluators|Checking Intervals]]
* [[ListAnswers|Checking Lists of Answers]]
* [[CustomAnswerCheckers|Custom Answer Checkers]]
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=== Topics D-F ===
* [[DisableFunctions|Disabling Functions in Student Answers]]
* [[DisableFunctions|Disabling Operators in Student Answers]]
* [[FormulaTestPoints|Domain of Function Evaluation]]
* [[DynamicImages|Dynamically Generated Graphic Images]]
* [[DynamicImages2|Dynamically Generated Graphic Images with Labels, Lines and Points]]
* [[EquationEvaluators|Equation Answer Evaluation]]
* [[FormulaTestPoints|Formula Answer Evaluation; Limits for Evaluation]]
* [[FormulaTestPoints|Formula Answer Evaluation; Test Points]]
* [[VariablesOtherThanX|Formulas with Variables Other than x]]
* [[FormulasToConstants|Function Answers Up To Constants]]
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=== Topics G-I ===
* [[DynamicImages|Graphic Images, Dynamically Generated]]
* [[DynamicImages2|Graphic Images, Dynamic, with Labels, Lines and Points]]
* [[ParametricPlots|Graphic Images, with Parametric Functions]]
* [[StaticImages|Graphic Images, Static]]
* [[VectorFields|Graphing Vector and Slope Fields]]
* [[HtmlLinks|HTML Links in Problems]]
* [[IntervalEvaluators|Intervals as Answers]]
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=== Topics J-L ===
* [[DynamicImages2|Labels on Dynamically Generated Graphs]]
* [[FormulaTestPoints|Limits over which Formulas are Evaluated]]
* [[MultiPartProblems|Linked Answer Blanks]]
* [[HtmlLinks|Links to Other Web Pages]]
* [[ListAnswers|Lists as Answers]]
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=== Topics M-O ===
* [[MatchingProblems|Matching Problems]]
* [[MultipleChoiceProblems|Multiple Choice Problems]]
* [[MultiAnswerProblems|MultiAnswer, Self Referential Problems]]
* [[SequentialProblems|Multi-Part, Sequential Problems]]
* [[NumericalTolerance|Numerical Answer Evaluation Tolerance]]
* [[NumericalTolerance|Numerical Tolerance in Problems]]
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=== Topics P-R ===
* [[ParametricPlots|Plotting Parametric Equations]]
* [[DynamicImages2|Plotting Lines and Points on Dynamically Generated Graphs]]
* [[PopUpLists|Pop-up Lists]]
* [[DisableFunctions|Restricting Allowed Functions in Student Answers]]
* [[DisableFunctions|Restricting Allowed Operators in Student Answers]]
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=== Topics S-U ===
* [[VectorFields|Slope Field Graphs]]
* [[StaticImages|Static Graphic Images]]
* [[StringsInContext|Strings in Student Answers]]
* [[StringsInContext|Text in Student Answers]]
* [[FormulaTestPoints|Test Points for Formula Evaluation]]
* [[NumericalTolerance|Tolerance in Numerical Answers]]
* [[ProblemsWithUnits|Units in Problem Answers]]
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=== Topics V-Z ===
* [[VariablesOtherThanX|Variables Other Than x in Formulas]]
* [[VectorFields|Vector Field Graphs]]
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The descriptions of the Macro Files can be found on the page Problem Techniques.

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