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[[Category:Needs Work]]
[[Category:Needs Work]]
[[Category:Homework Sets]]

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Tutorials for beginners - Setting up a homework Set for the first time

Moving and Reusing Homework Sets

  • The easy case - Someone at your institution has homework sets you can use - Moving and Reusing Homework Sets Tutorial - A tutorial on how reuse homework sets, either between semesters or between instructors.

Creating a Homework set when your book's homework is in the NPL

Sorting and Selection

  • The final case - You are creating a homework set and have to find problems for the subject you are covering, rather than just selecting from the problems in the back of the section - Tutorial on Creating a homework set from the NPL - Normal Case - A tutorial on how create a homework set when you have to look for problems in the NPL by topic rather than by book, chapter, and section.

Editing Homework Sets

After the dust Settles

Modifying Problems in a Homework Set

Importing Homework Sets from Set Definition Files

Exporting Homework Sets to Set Definition Files

Adding New Homework Sets

Assigning Homework Sets to Students

You can assign multiple students multiple sets using the "instructor tools" page.

Deleting Homework Sets