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Looking for the WeBWorK Moodle site?

This wiki is for instructors using WeBWorK on-line homework in their courses and for those working on the development of WeBWorK. Students using WeBWorK for their homework should not register on this site (unless they wish to help with writing development software). There is however some additional documentation for students which can be reached via the "Students" link below. The course instructor can give students the URL for their WeBWorK course. Usually this is a path to a server on their campus.

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WeBWorK is an open source Perl-based system for delivering individualized homework problems over the web. By providing students with immediate feedback as to the correctness of their answers, students are encouraged to make multiple attempts until they succeed. By individualizing problems, cheating is discouraged. By providing instructors with real-time statistics, lesson plans can be customized to better serve students. WeBWorK is partially supported by the DUE Division of NSF. (See: Grants, awards, and support.)


The documentation below is organized according to the types of questions that may arise. Note that passing the cursor over the icon will show additional information.

Part 1             Information for Students

The most general Page for Students contains a list of all topics relevant for students.

Logging into WeBWorK
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Mathematical notation recognized by WeBWorK
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Completing homework online

Part 2             Information for Instructors

The most general Page for Instructors contains a list of all topics relevant for instructors. These pages outline how to use WeBWorK on a day to day basis. Some special pages are listed below.

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Hosting WeBWorK courses on the MAA servers
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Getting started
Homework Sets
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Gateway Tests and Quizzes
Course Management Scoring Sending Email

Part 3             Information for Administrators

The Administrator's Page contains a list of all topics relevant for administrators. Topics covered include installing, upgrading, and maintaining WeBWorK installations. Some special pages are listed below.

Getting started
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Installation Manual for 2.4
Upgrading WeBWorK
Course Administration
LDAP Authentication
572px-DVD-Video bottom-side.jpg
Installing WeBWorK from a Live DVD
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Installing WeBWorK on Live USB
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Troubleshooting Strategies

Part 3             Information for Authors and Developers

The Authors page contains documents and examples on writing homework questions in WeBWorK's PG language.
The Developers page contains information for developers.

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Problem Authoring Background Information
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Problem Templates
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Tagging Problems
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Coding Standards
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Setting up a Development Server
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Part 4             Community

The WeBWorK Consultants page contains information about consultants.

Webwork Users
WeBWorK Sites
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Video conferences
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WeBWorK logos
Consultants and Trainers
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List of WeBWorK Consultants
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List of WeBWorK Demonstration Workshops
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Tagging Problems
Various resources
Get answers to questions about all aspects of WeBWorK. Each forum has its own RSS feed, and registered users can elect to receive email copies of new posts.
Using WeBWorK
G Moodle course for usage issues (Most of the content from this course is being moved onto this wiki.)
GCollections of various data related to WeBWorK. (Installations, PG macros, publications, etc.) (useful but needs updating)
GMoodle course for WeBWorK assessment issues.
GMoodle course for WeBWorK accessibility issues.

Part 5             National Problem Library and Other Items

The WeBWorK Consultants page contains information about consultants.

Problem Library
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National Problem Library
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HomeworkSetsA Bugzilla
Moodle Integration
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Working Groups/Tasks
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