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  • General

    This course primarily contains Forums, which we use for support and discussion, and Databases, which we use for tracking various data related to WeBWorK (PG functions, installations, publications, and so on). Most documentation is now located on the new WeBWorK wiki.

    You can search all the forums in this course using the Search Forums box in the upper-right corner of this page.
  • WeBWork Main Forum

    WeBWork Main Forum

    This is the main forum for instructors using WeBWorK in their courses. The questions (and answers) range from beginning questions about getting started to the more intricate details of managing a course or authoring a WeBWorK question. This is a good place to get a flavor for what WeBWorK is about. Feel free to ask any type of question here.
  • This topic

    Problems and problem libraries

    Problems and problem libraries

    This forum is for questions directly involving the homework questions written for WeBWorK.
    • Questions on the PG language, including MathObjects
    • Questions and discussion on using the National Problem Library (NPL) and other collections of WeBWorK problems
    • Discussion on maintaining and curating the problem libraries
  • Managing a WeBWorK course

    Managing a WeBWorK course

    Documents, questions and comments regarding day-to-day management of WeBWorK courses. For discussion on this topic use the WeBWorK Main Forum.
  • Setting up a WeBWorK course

    Setting up a WeBWorK course

    Documents, questions and comments on creating homework sets, uploading classlists and finding your way around WeBWorK.
  • Installing WeBWorK

    Installing WeBWorK

    This forum is for discussing issues related to installing WeBWorK.
  • New Features and Development Ideas

    New Features and Development Ideas

    Use this forum to discuss feature requests and the future direction of WeBWorK development.
  • WeBWorK references

    WeBWorK references

    A database of WeBWorK references including press news clips, on-line references, reviews, and scholarly articles citing WeBWorK.
  • Forum Archive

    Forum Archive

    This read-only forum contains an archive of the WeBWorK forum that was active at the University of Rochester between 2000 and 2006.
  • WeBWorK Servers

    WeBWorK Servers

    Databases for tracking:
    • WeBWorK server sites throughout the world
    • Typical hardware specifications
  • AIM WeBWorK working groups

    AIM WeBWorK working groups

    From August 6 through August 10, 2007 thirty WeBWorK users with various levels of involvement and expertise met face to face to work on improving the power and flexibility of the PG language used to author the WeBWorK problems and to extend the range of examples and documentation available for mathematics instructors learning to write homework exercises for WeBWorK.

    In five days we were able to make substantial progress. Among other outcomes was the formation of working groups (and designated leaders for those groups) each focused on one of twelve topics.

    If you are interested in one of the topics and would like to participate please contact the leader listed in the resource below.

    In many cases the outcomes from the groups work will be announced in the Main Forum.
  • WeBWorK Funding

    WeBWorK Funding

    This database will track WeBWorK's funding sources.
  • HOWTOs


    A collection of short tips on how to accomplish specific tasks while working with WeBWorK. Please contribute new ones.
  • Authoring WeBWorK problems

    Authoring WeBWorK problems

    Documents, comments and questions on how to use the WeBWorK language to author problems.
    • Miscellaneous Topics

      Miscellaneous Topics

      Post in this forum if your topic doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.
    • WeBWorK Consultants

      Support and discussion forum for WeBWorK Consultants.
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