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Display problems with IE8 and jsMath

Re: Display problems with IE8 and jsMath

by Davide Cervone -
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Sorry for the long delay in responding to this. I just released version 3.6e of jsMath, which includes a number of fixes for alignment problems in IE8. One of the difficulties is that IE8 has 8 different display modes (depending on the DOCTYPE and other settings within IE and the document itself), and I hadn't been testing in all of them (I didn't realize how many there actually were). Also, despite their names, none of them is actually the same as IE7 in either of its two modes, so I really need to test in 10 different modes (plus I also test in IE6, so that's 11, and in each of jsMath's 3 major fallback modes, that's 33 tests for every change!)

Anyway, I spent the last week working hard to check all the various combinations, and I think you will find the current version more reliable for IE alignment. You can update webwork2/htdocs/jsMath without updating the rest of webwork in order to get the latest version.