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Logistics of Getting School Affiliation

Re: Logistics of Getting School Affiliation

by Arnold Pizer -
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Hi Randal,

At Rochester we can host a course for your school. We do this gratis for small courses (say 50-100 or fewer students). At some point in the near future the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) will take over this service maybe charging a small fee.

Have someone at your school send an email to Mike Gage and/or Arnie Pizer:
Arnold Pizer apizer@math.rochester.edu
Mike Gage gage@math.rochester.edu
with the following information:

courseID (e.g. mth101)
courseName (e.g. Calculus 1)
institution (e.g. University of Rochester)
instructor_email (e.g. apizer@math.rochester.edu)
instructor name (e.g. Arnold Pizer)

Your course name will include your school's domain name with courseID, e.g.

The instructor's login will be derived from the email (e.g. apizer in
the example above), unless you request a different login to use instead.