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Q: check dependencies before updating 1 file

Q: check dependencies before updating 1 file

by Dick Lane -
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Davide has posted version 1.99 of pg/lib/Value.pm (his log entry is viewable via the web interface to cvs.webwork.rochester.edu).  [Davide -- thanks !]

I cd'd to pg/lib (on my development machine) and gave command
        cvs status Value.pm
with output
cvs status: CVS password file /home/wwadmin/.cvspass does not exist - creating a new file
File: Value.pm        Status: Up-to-date
  Working revision:
  Repository revision: /webwork/cvs/system/pg/lib/Value.pm,v
  Sticky Tag: rel-2-4-patches (branch:
  Sticky Date: (none)
  Sticky Options: (none)

On the other hand,
        cvs -n update -A Value.pm
yields the response
U Value.pm

Before I actually get this (HEAD ?) version of Value.pm, I would like to know whether there are dependencies which require other files to be updated.  Plain "cvs -n update" and "cvs -n update -r rel-2-4-patches" in pg/ show no updates while "cvs -n update -A | wc" yields a count of 213 files.

I am willing to experiment on my development installation since it is virtual using VMware Fusion on an iMac (and I can take a snapshot before experimenting).  However, I need to be cautious about revising the system (on Dell iron) which my students access.

PS: The warning ".../.cvspass does not exist ..." disappeared after I went home (cd ~) and used the command "touch .cvspass"
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Re: Q: check dependencies before updating 1 file

by Davide Cervone -
There are two minor differences between 1.99 and the version you are running. They should not require additional updates in other files.