mod_perl FollowSymlinks bug

mod_perl FollowSymlinks bug

by Louis Zulli -
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I cannot locate any reference to such a bug at

Was the bug reported? Does this bug persist in mod_perl 2.0.7? How does the
bug reveal itself? Should I follow the workarounds suggested in this file if I'm
using Apache 2.2.25 and mod_perl 2.0.7?


# This file configures Apache to handle requests for WeBWorK. To install WeBWorK
# support in your Apache configuration, add the following line to the end of
# your Apache configuration file (usually apache.conf or httpd.conf):
# Include /path/to/webwork.apache2-config
# Customize the variable $webwork_dir below to match the location of your
# WeBWorK installation.
# ATTENTION APACHE 2.2 USERS: There is a bug in mod_perl 2.0.2 that prevents the
# FollowSymlinksOption from working when specified
# in a <Perl> section. See below for workaround.