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intermittent graphs not appearing for a few students

intermittent graphs not appearing for a few students

by Mary Shepherd -
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Various students have reported that sometimes graphs show as a broken link. It happens to different students on different problems. On a page with 5 graphs, only one may be broken. One of these is noted below. Out of about 60 students in two different classes, this is now happening about twice a day.

This is what displays in a new "black" window when the graph is clicked on. The image "http://webwork.nwmissouri.edu/webwork2_files/tmp/Precalculus_17-117_Shepherd_Fall_2013//gif/S517944-3523-setHW_1-6prob3image1.png" 
cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

The "information" on the problem where this occurred is here, from where I reported the "bug", but the error did not occur for the bug fixer.