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Precedence for changes using HW Sets Editor

Precedence for changes using HW Sets Editor

by Debbie Yuster -
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It seems when I make several "types" of changes to a HW set using the Hwrk Sets Editor, not all changes get saved. For example, if I:
1) Load a set in the editor
2) Render all problems
3) Check off Delete for some problems
4) Reorder some problems
5) Check off "Automatically render problems on page load" and "Force problems to be numbered consecutively from one"
6) Save Changes

then the problems the were supposed to be deleted do get deleted, but the reordering does not happen.

Any suggestions for how I can do these tasks most efficiently? I'd like to avoid Saving and re-rendering after every little change, but obviously losing a whole batch of reorderings is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Precedence for changes using HW Sets Editor

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
In my experience steps 3 and 4 above have to be done separately. In cases where I've added a lot of problems (e.g. twice as many as I need) my workflow usually looks like this:

1. An initial purge of surplus problems: select for deletion and save.
2. Reorder the remaining problems; save.
3. Delete any additional problems to get the number down to what was promised to the students; save.
4. Edit any individual problems as needed.