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Partial credits note in the end of the problem

Partial credits note in the end of the problem

by Utku Demir -
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Hi all,

Currently in the end of the questions I have prepared, I see a little note, which says "You can earn partial credits on this problem". I don't want this displayed. I made a little bit research and found out that it is displayed because Reduced Scoring Date is active. I checked it, but Reduced Scoring is disabled. I tried setting "showPartialCorrectAnswers = 0;" in the beginning of the problem, but it didn't work either. Could you help me with this?

Kind regards,
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Re: Partial credits note in the end of the problem

by Danny Glin -
The message you describe is displayed by the grader, which is a separate thing from the answer checker.

Unless you install a different grader for a question, WeBWorK will use the default grader, which divides the grade on the question evenly between all of the answer blanks. Setting showPartialCorrectAnswers to 0 does not change the scoring on the question, it simply suppresses the message to students indicating which parts of the question they got correct. For example, if a student answers one of four parts of a question correctly, they will still receive a grade of 0.25/1 on the question, but they won't know which part they got correct.

If you don't want any partial credit given for a question with multiple parts, then you will have to install the standard problem grader using
This will change the question so that there is no partial credit. The student will receive full credit if all answers are correct, and no credit otherwise.

If all you want to do is remove the message, then there is probably a way to do that, but it might involve writing a custom grader.