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/webwork2/instructorXMLHandler: Forbidden

/webwork2/instructorXMLHandler: Forbidden

by Loïc Pottier -
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i am new to WebWork, and i just got a free trial account. My first attempt was to use the Library browser to create a new set with several exercices in differentiation:


When i click Add All (or Add), i get this error message:

/webwork2/instructorXMLHandler: Forbidden

I didnt find any solution with google (some posts in this forum, but with no help for me).

So I need some help :)

Thank you,

Loïc Pottier
professeur de mathématiques et d'informatique en Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles, LIV France
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Re: /webwork2/instructorXMLHandler: Forbidden

by Danny Glin -
This can happen if your session has timed out because more than an hour has passed without loading a new page. Did you try logging out and logging back in?

If that doesn't work, then someone who has access to the MAA WeBWorK server will have to take a look to see if they can reproduce the problem.