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Draggable Proof with Scaffolding

Re: Draggable Proof with Scaffolding

by Fabian Gabel -
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Somehow the screenshot I posted below doesn't show. Here it is again as attachment.

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Re: Draggable Proof with Scaffolding

by Ping-Shun Chan -
The current draggableProof macro processes and updates the correct_ans key in the answer_hash.
Apparently, under the scaffolding macro, the answer_hash is processed for a second time, after correct_ans has already been manipulated.

For a quick fix, try commenting out the line "$ans->{correct_ans} = join("
",@correct);" towards the bottom of "sub filter" in the draggableProof.pl macro. (This might mess up the correct answer preview, though.)

Incidentally, I am working on updating the current draggableProof macro. This is one more thing which has to be addressed, thanks!