logged in as admin - clicked on Grades - then error

logged in as admin - clicked on Grades - then error

by L Ng -
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on RHEL 8.. logged in as admin and clicked on Grades and got this error

WeBWorK error

An error occured while processing your request.

For help, please send mail to this site's webmaster (, including all of the following information as well as what what you were doing when the error occured.

Error record identifier


Warning messages

Error messages

No display module found for path '/admin/grades/'. at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/ line 161.

Call stack

The following information can help locate the source of the problem.

Is it because i logged in as admin and not as an instructor?

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Re: logged in as admin - clicked on Grades - then error

by Michael Gage -
I'd suggest creating a separate course to experiment with -- e.g. math101. Create this using the admin course page, then add some homework sets (there should be defaults such as "demo" and "set0" available to you and add some students as well (the demolist.lst adds a bunch of practice students). While the admin course is built using the standard course tools it and you can add homework problems to it, it is better if you reserve the admin course for creating and updating the other courses.

I'm not sure why you are not seeing the display module for admin, but my first thought would be to see if this is because there are no students or homework sets in the course and therefore nothing to grade. Technically that's a bug, but might easily not have been caught since the admin course is not intended for students, homework sets or grading. Send bug reports to
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Re: logged in as admin - clicked on Grades - then error

by L Ng -
correct... not students, professors or courses created yet.. was just clicking through everything to see if any anomalies come up.

What I still don't understand is this and how and where ldap fits, adding users, linking to moodle, etc.

I have LDAP setup for login as well but have to read and figure how it applies in the app in the scheme of things..

How do I set that up? Create a course first then go into that course folder and modify the course’s course.conf file with the same ldap settings?

What is not clear to me is let us say there are 10 courses, and each have different number of users in them… how do I set that up properly for each instructor or instructors for each course and their students via ldap? In other words, assign/associate the teacher’s and student’s ldap accounts to their respective courses?

How do we add new students/users? In Moodle it is easy, this not so much LOL