Authenication problems

Authenication problems

by Peter Staab -
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I have been trying to get webwork to authenticate users using our LDAP server, a microsoft product I believe. I had our IT dept set up a special user to bind to and followed the instructions with the additions for such a special user and get the following error when logging in as myself:

AUTH LDAP: bind error 49: The wrong password was supplied or the SASL credentials could not be processed

I am still able to login using the password that I have in webwork (not my ldap password), meaning it's skipping that. I assume that the error comes from the server not getting the correct username/password for the special user.

I have tried a number of ways to try the SEARCHDN variable, with no luck. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. Also, if anyone has been successful with this with a microsoft LDAP server, if there was anything unusual that you needed to do.

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Re: Authenication problems

by Mark Hamrick -
Peter, I am assuming that you have the server installed with PHP not just mod_perl when I recommend this, but I would try the PHP code below to just verify that your machine is connecting to the server properly. I found it was easier to get debugging done on the PHP side due to the availability of resources locally.

If this works, at least you know it is an issue with the PERL code, not a machine setup issue with certificates or something else.
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Re: Authenication problems

by Peter Staab -

I few things I'm bit confused with. First of all, does the webwork server need to be running openldap? I was following through the steps on the page you suggested and #8 seems to suggest this. However I thought that didn't need to be running to access the AD server.

Also, It appears that our ldap server is not running securely. Although I know of security problems, do you know if that would be causing access problems? I have put in ldap:// protocol instead of ldaps:// in the configuration files.