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Sample Problems

These problems are provided to think about the types of problems that should be considered in the good problems rubric, and to provide problems that are useful to think about the rubric.

  • Problem 1 (Assigned problem one: find the equation of a parabola.)
  • Problem 2 (Assigned problem two: identify points of non-differentiability.)
  • Problem 3 (Assigned problem three: determine sign and increasing/decreasing.)
  • Problem 4 (NPL sample: find inflection points.)
  • Problem 5 (NPL sample: odd/even composition is odd/even)
  • Problem 6 (NPL sample: points on a line.)
  • Problem 7 (NPL sample: solve an equation.)
  • Problem 8 (NPL sample: solve square root equation.)
  • Problem 9 (NPL sample: function continuity from graph.)
  • Problem 10 (NPL sample: word optimization problem.)
  • Problem 11 (NPL sample: numerical estimate derivative problem.)
  • Problem 12 (NPL sample: )