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== Overview ==
The main page in this category is [[Instructors]]
* [[A day in the life of a WeBWorK instructor]]
* [[:File:Webwork_getting_started_2009_06.pdf|Getting Started]] A pdf (hardcopy) tutorial on managing a WeBWorK course
== Creating and managing Homework sets ==
* Managing [[Homework Sets]]
* Managing [[Set Definition Files]]
* Managing [[Dates, Times, and Time Zones]]
* Managing [[Gateway Tests and Quizzes]]
** [[GatewayQuiz Technical Information and Philosophy]]
** [[Selecting Problems from Problem Groups]]
** [[GatewayQuiz Assignment Problems]]
** [[Assignment Access Restrictions]]
Other instructions
* [[CAPA Physics Problems]] -- using questions translated from Rochester's CAPA physics collection
* [[Reduced Scoring]]
== Managing Course Rosters ==
* [[Classlists | Management of Course Rosters]]
*[http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=dp7p9h5_837c5zcddd7 Management of Course Rosters -- Google docs version]
* [[Classlist Files]] format details
== Other tasks ==
* [[Scoring]]
* [[Sending Email]]
== Screen casts ==
* [[Course Management]] (screencasts)
* See also [[Video_conferences]]. Some of these are on course management topics.
== HOWTOs ==
* [[An explanation of problem source files, problems, problem sets, and problem libraries]]
* [[What to do if you find a bug in a problem]]
* [[How to change a student's problem seed]]
* [[How to manage email sent via the email instructor button effectively]] (Use gmail!)
* [[Using "student progress" and "statistics" to prepare for class]]
== Technical ==
* [[Permissions]]
* [[Header Files and Snippets]]

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The main page in this category is Instructors


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